Green Light Recon

Experience the benefits of becoming a Green Light Dealer!

Faster more organized time to market = Increased Profitablility / Better Product

Its Really that Simple.

Identify employee productivity

Create unique user accounts

Create employee access

Customize emloyee tasks

Text employees from recon tool

Identify how many vehicles are being completed

Weekly View 

Monthly View

Daily View


Track average days in each process

Customize your dealership dashboard to track average time in each step of your process.

Integrate with the Green Light Auto Report

(Electronic Test Drive Agreement) (Optional Benefit)

The challenge | limited access to the the Analytics | Desparate for Data.

"Green Light Recon has been a game-changer for us. It makes it easy to identify where your major pain points in the process are. Time to market is everything while maintaining a high-quality product. It has increased our recon productivity by over 50%. "                               

              - Erik Schofield | COO Action Auto Utah

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