Why Become a Green Light Dealer?

RECON Software

✅ Automated RECON Processes

✅ Track RECON Expenses

✅ Web-hosted emissions reports

✅ Increase percentage of vehicles sold

✅ Reduce your holding costs

✅ Employee unique logins and permissions

✅ Improve employee accountability

✅ DMS integrations

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The Green Light Auto Report

✅ Provide your customers with transparency

✅ Improve overall reputation

✅ Give your customers an online condition report

✅ Assist in digital retail

✅ Gain the trust of the consumer

✅ Un-biased opinion of the current condition of the vehicle

✅ Improve relationships with you and your customers

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Advertising Platform

✅ Reach more customers

KSL.COM banner Ads

✅ Facebook integrations

✅ SEO integrations

✅ Website inspection hosting

✅ Inventory feeds

✅ National presence

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Experience the benefits of becoming a Green Light Dealer and watch your business benefit from Green Light Auto Inspection reports. Providing dealers with marketing, quality inspections, and peace of mind for every customer buying a used vehicle.

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