If Airbnb and Uber had a child, then Turo would be it. Here's what you need to know about it. Turo is not a new app. But for those who are intrigued by what this app is and how it can help, do read on.

App technology helps us in making our lives easier. And most probably, all concepts of convenience already has an app ready for everyone to use. You want to eat restaurant food but the traffic is bad? Download Doordash. Want a decent place to stay during your travels but hotel rates are not up to your budget? Let Airbnb help you find a more affordable accommodation. And then here comes Turo, a new car app that anyone can use. So how does it work? What convenience does it provide? You're about to find out by reading the post below.

What is Turo? What Are The Advantages?

Some people would assume that Turo is yet another Uber or Lyft, but that's not the case at all. While the apps mentioned above are car-hailing apps, Turo is a car-rental app. Meaning, instead of hailing a car for hire and have someone drive for you, Turo helps you find available cars for rent so you can use and drive it throughout the day. When finished, you can then return it to the owner. It's like AVIS, but an app and Turo doesn't own the cars.

Formerly known as RelayRides, Turo is considered to be a peer-to-peer car-sharing company. Unlike Uber and Lyft that pick you up and drop you off at your destination, Turo lets you use the car for a more extended periodThis app is convenient in a way that prevents you from hiring and hailing a car every time you need one; the car is there to use anytime. This app is perfect when you have an out-of-town engagements, or when you need to be in several locations in one day. That way you'd be able to save time and money. Also, it is perfect when you're not from town, and you need a temporary car to drive you around.

So is Turo available in Salt Lake City? Yes, the app has been operating in the city for quite some time now. However, the company has had some beef with local car rental companies. We are going to talk about the issue in a bit.

How to Book A Car through Turo

Just like most apps that provide convenience, Turo is easy to use. First, download the app and signup by way of Google, Facebook, or email. Once you're in the app, choose the car you want to rent out, enter your travel dates and time for pick-up. The owner of the car sends confirmation or decline within eight hours or sooner. To book cars right away, use the "Book Instantly" badge. You can then pick-up the car at the place you wrote, present your license to the owner, and take the keys. That's it! Returning the car is just as easy. Replace the gas you used before meeting the owner at an agreed location. Once you meet the owner, walk around the vehicle, and give the keys back when there are no issues found.

How to List Your Car on Turo

Do you have a vehicle in excellent shape that you want to rent out through Turo? Here's what you have to do. First, do all the signup process. Create a free listing by describing your car, upload some photos of your car (don't forget to include your car's interior), and boom! You're in the listings. Always update your calendar to keep customers informed of your car's availability. When there are requests, respond to them right away. By here on, the process is going to be similar to booking a car. You meet the client, give your keys, and wait for their return.

The average daily price for a car rental through the app is $90. So if, say, you have 10 days booked in a month, you automatically have $900. But you can also opt for their dynamic pricing. That means it's up to Turo to set your daily rental price. The dynamic price is base on the type of vehicle you have, and if it's peak or valley season, among others.

Any Issues With Turo?

There are not much any issues with Turo as far as reviews are concerned. As of writing, the app received a high 4.3 stars rating from Consumer Affairs. But it does had have some beef with car rental companies in local Salt Lake City. According to a February 2019 report on the Salt Lake Tribune, traditional car rental companies were waging war against Turo for "illegally operating" at SLC AirportTuro, however, argued that they're not using airport facilities, and that they were negotiating with the airport management "in good faith"Ultimately, the Salt Lake City Council amended an ordinance to include Turo and other similar companies on their regulations on airport operations.

Turo is a very convenient way to make your way around a place. But if you're looking for a used car that you can use for your everyday drive, check out our page.