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Look for The Green Light

Our mission for Green Light Auto Inspections revolves around transparency. Every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. Our pre-purchased inspections have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth and accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. Over 60 inspection categories and 200 points of inspection are performed on every Green Light Inspected vehicle, so you can know exactly what's under the hood when buying your next used vehicle. Our comprehensive in-depth inspection protects customers from hidden or overlooked information, providing for a stress-free buying experience. We understand how overwhelming a car buying experience can be; let Green Light Auto Inspections take the guesswork out of it. Never buy another vehicle again unless its been given the Green Light!

See what people are saying about Green Light Auto Inspections

This is such an amazing service! It was so awesome to be able to actually look at the report and know the car I was buying was in great condition. I am in no means a car person and I love the simplicity of the system and report, but still know that the car I bought was extensively inspected. We love our new Escalade!!! Make sure not to buy your next car unless it has the green light!
-Skyler S. 
I LOVE how much faster, easier, and most importantly less expensive Green Light made it to buy my car. This service Green Light provides is without comparison, the best in car buying. It was really nice to know what vehicles were already inspected by Green Light, on the dealers sight.
Freaking awesome experience. Thanks Green Light! 

-Brittany Eidem

I Love having piece of mind when buying a car and that is exactly how I felt when buying our green light inspected car! There is no price on having the comfort of safety and reliability when investing in a car for my family.  It was a whole new experience buying a car and feeling like someone was in your corner. 

Gerald A.

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